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Wanting to Transport Horses or Live-stock?

By June 16, 2022September 9th, 2022News

STC Twenty One has considerable experience in the conversion of aircraft to permit the transport of horses and live-stock.

Over the years we have designed and certified both Boeing 737, & 757 cargo converted aircraft to allow for the transportation of animals and their handlers and we are the holder of several STC’s for livestock conversions.

The designs we have created, introduced features such as, additional seating for grooms and animal handlers to maintain the welfare of the animals in transit. Warning horns and ordinance panels for crew safety. New lighting, additional communications, and safety equipment. Along with flooring and fixing options for pallets.

The livestock are loaded into IATA approved containers then loaded and secured to the aircraft flooring.

If you have considered the option of making your aircraft more adaptable but have not known where to start, why not contact STC Twenty One at, find us at, search for ‘STC 21’ or simply click the link below and fill out one of our contact forms.