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Upgrading to a new Galley?

By August 17, 2022September 9th, 2022News

STC Twenty One has recently finished a bespoke set of drawings and certification that replaced the G1 & G4B galleys onto a Boeing 737 aircraft.

Our customer was in the process of a PEMCO conversion taking the use of their aircraft from a passenger configuration into a cargo configuration, and found a need to replace the existing 2 galleys with newer galley modules.

The position of the galleys was the typical location of both units and were integrated to the aircraft’s electrical, water & wastewater systems on to existing provisions. The flexibility of our installation allows for additional equipment to be installed in the future should the airline require it.

Our team put together a unique set of drawings and certification documents for our customer to perform the installation and to maintain continued airworthiness.

STC Twenty One has experience all with types of galleys and finding the right solution for you is what we strive to achieve.

If you are considering making a change to your aircraft, why not contact STC Twenty One at, find us at, just search for ‘STC 21’ or simply click the link below and fill out one of our contact forms.