STC Twenty-One receives STC for Alternate Cargo Nets

STC Twenty-One is delighted to receive the STC for Alternate Cargo Nets on a Saab 340 A & B. This will allow STC Twenty-One to use different bay configurations. This provides more flexibility for the operator to be able to choose which cargo layout they’d like to take.

The design change adds an additional configuration to an existing STC and effectively removes three locations of net restraints from the original configuration.

The new net assemblies are designed to have a greater longitudinal deflection capability to accommodate he increased bay weight, length and to limit the radial fuselage reactions to no greater than those already approved by the STC

If you would like to find out more about this modification and whether or not this could be something of interest for you aircraft, please don’t hesitate in contacting STC Twenty One via our contact page now.