STC Twenty One Continuation Training

STC Twenty One Ltd has recently onboarded a number of new team members with a view to growing this even further. Therefore in 2022, we have made it our mission to train and retrain all of the staff in every aspect of this business.

The first training session was on Certification and Handbook Training, this was hosted by our Head of Independent System Monitoring, John Marchant who had this to say:

I had the recent opportunity to write and present continuation training at STC Twenty One Ltd. It is always a challenge to present training in a way that helps people absorb the important information while remaining engaging.

It was great to see people joining in and offering their experiences and point of view, and because of everyone’s participation, I think we succeeded in providing a useful and fun experience. Looking forward to the next training session.

The next part of STC Twenty One’s continuation training will take place in April when the company will be holding a week-long FHA and SSA training course with Ray Cherry.

If you’d like to be part of our growing team at STC Twenty One, head over to our careers page or submit your CV here