Halon Fire Extinguishers, Have you replaced yours yet?

As you will be aware the use of Halon has been phased out across the aircraft industry due to its harmful effects to the environment and the damage to the ozone layer.

As such, regulatory bodies across the world have mandated that all halon extinguishers must be replaced by less ecologically destructive alternatives. (EU commission regulation No 744/2010 for removal of ozone depleting Halon from commercial aircraft by 31st December 2020.)

Together with our partners we have been offering design changes to replace previously installed devices onto small and large aircraft.

If you have not already done so, we can replace your Halon fire extinguishers with a new greener option straight away.

Why not contact us today on Info@STC21.co.uk, find us at modstore.aero just search for ‘STC 21’ or simply click the link below and fill out one of our contact forms.