Data Acquisition Flights for Flight Simulation

Last week saw the completion 17 sorties with a total of 25 hours of airborne time gathering aircraft data as part of a validation exercise for the approval of a Flight Simulator Training Device. Despite supply chain and weather challenges, the flight programme has been a great success.

This marks a significant development of flight testing beyond the traditional certification flight testing that has been performed by STC Twenty One over many years.

The data gathering required the design and installation of air data, flight control, attitude and acceleration measurement sensors together with video, data acquisition and recording equipment not to mention some very highly accurate flying required by the flight simulation engineers.

Gathering this data would not have been possible without some very special people and STC Twenty One Limited would like to thank Entrol for this wonderful opportunity together with Chris Taylor, Nick Kidd and Richard Tyrer as the Flight Test Crew; Lydie Harper and Sylvan Bernon as Flight Test Managers; Mike Revuke and Matthias Cremer as Flight Test Instrumentation Engineers. Fantastic support was also provided by Paul Shelton and Alex James of Tatenhill Aviation, Brian Coombs-Prole of AES Aero and Matt Munson of Heligroup/ATS Aero and of course their staff members.

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