Aerospace Unlocking Potential

STC21: Innovation for the Future of Aerospace:

STC Twenty One Limited recently completed a project with the assistance of an Innovation Grant from the Aerospace Unlocking Potential (Aerospace UP) programme ( . The project was designed to help STC21 develop a new solutions for a potential customer base for a full UK-approved and manufactured solution.

STC Twenty One is excited about the potential of new innovations, and the company is committed to continuing to develop new technologies that will shape the future of aerospace. The company is confident that innovative technologies will help to make the aerospace industry more sustainable and efficient.

STC Twenty One’s presentation at the University of Nottingham:

Following completion of the project, STC Twenty One was invited to the University of Nottingham to provide a presentation of its innovations. The presentation was part of an event that was attended by 54 different companies from the aerospace sector who were involved within the Aerospace UP programme.

STC Twenty One’s presentation was well-received by the audience, and the company received positive feedback from potential customers. The company is now in the process of finalising its commercialisation plans, and it is confident that its innovation will be successful in the marketplace.

STC Twenty One enjoys the challenge of innovation and always strive to find the  right solution for you, be that something new or the adaptation of an existing design.

If you are considering making a change to your aircraft, why not contact STC Twenty One at, find us at, just search for ‘STC 21’ or simply click the link below and fill out one of our contact forms.