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AD Aerospace Retro-fit Cockpit Door Surveillance System (Cabin-Vu 123)

By September 9, 2022News

Whilst undertaking some routine housekeeping on some of our more historic design changes, it struck me, how many aircraft had been incorporated onto one of them in particular.

The design change in question is called “AD Aerospace Retro-fit Cockpit Door Surveillance System (Cabin-Vu 123)”. The change itself introduces a selection of cameras and a control unit to an aircraft that allow the flight crew to see who is knocking on the flight deck door.

Over the last 15 years we have partnered with AD-Aerospace to provide certification and installation of the system, and with well over 300 aircraft having had it installed it shows that we know what airlines need.

Over time the team at STC Twenty One have made customisation to the original design to allow for differences between aircraft and it has been offered on a variety of different aircraft types.

However, this change is not something from the past we no longer use or need. Just this past week a customer has requested their newest acquisitions have the system installed.

The aircraft that have the system are now flying to all corners of the world with many many different airlines.

The team at STC21 are proud that we have the opportunity to work with AD-Aerospace ( to increase the safety of air flight and hope to be able to help you with your next endeavor.

If you have an aircraft that is in need of a modification or repair or have a problem that requires some out of the box thinking contact STC Twenty One today via our website (Insert link) or email and let us help.