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About Us

We are a highly experienced Design Organisation that provide EASA approved Major and Minor Changes as well as repairs for a wide variety of aircraft around the world.

STC Twenty One was founded back in 2004, by Managing Director, Peter Gaughan with the vision and goal of being the “go-to” DOA in Europe and the US.

Today, over a decade in to the companies foundation, STC Twenty One are considered one of the most active DOAs in Europe and we pride ourselves on delivering fantastic customer service to all of our global customers.

We have 20 employees spread across our Avionics, Mechanical, Quality and Commercial Teams with a high level of experience and certification enabling the company to perform specialised services on engines and aircraft.

Our Core Values

  • Safety is our top priority
  • Comminunication - Communication - Communication
  • Flexibility but with due diligence
  • Professionalism, integrity and honestly
  • Equal opportunities for ALL staff members
  • Customer statisfaction for ALL our customers
  • That hard work and customer satisfaction yields a healthy business
  • Work together to recover from set backs
  • To embrace change and move with the times

Our Staff